EAWS - Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet 

Definition of EAWS

EAWS is an ergonomic tool for screening the risk due to biomechanical overload, developed to provide an overall risk evaluation that includes every biomechanical risk to which an operator may be exposed during a working task. 

EAWS is an ergonomic tool for measuring the workload generated in a workstation by a given working method (motion sequence, workplace geometries, postures, equipment, parts, conditions) executed according to a given production plan (quantity and production mix) with a given work organization (shift duration, pauses). 

Up to a certain extent EAWS can also be used as 2nd level analysis tool, since it is quite analytical and detailed; EAWS gives the necessary information to redesign the work task, making the second level systems seldom necessary. 

The aim of First level tools is to get a very quick mapping of the different risk areas and to concentrate all the efforts on a rapid redesign

With the Second level tools specific loads are analyzed in detail, since the first level corresponding tool was insufficient to identify the origin of the risk.

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